Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Born to write

     I sometimes think I was born to write.  I tried when I was younger, loved it really, but it was empty because the subject matter was pretty juvenile...just like me.  Now I've found something of importance to me, something with real substance that I truly want to share with others.  And that is my love for my Savior.  You see, I've been a Christian for a very long time...I would grow for a time, then reach a plateau and so on.  I never really understood that it was about relationship, one that needs to be fed and nurtured and cultivated each and every day until a few years ago.  Now I hate going even one day without meeting with My Lord, learning about Him, praying for others, and seeking His guidance.  It's truly a love relationship.  And I haven't been the same since.

     I started posting things on Facebook and people would "like" what I had to write, or share, but one day someone posted saying she liked reading what I posted and it was usually something she needed to hear that day or something she thought someone else needed to hear, so I got this crazy idea of starting this "journal" so I could revisit my thoughts and share my thoughts with others in a less chaotic way.  And if this helps someone else on their journey then my "gift" hasn't been wasted.  I welcome constructive and encouraging comments and prayerfully hope that you will find peace and inspiration to help you along your journey as well.

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