Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Pivotal Circumstances

I recently took a Bible study class.  It was on a book by Andy Stanley and I think the title was 5 Things God Uses to Grow Your Faith.  One of those ways was Pivotal Circumstances.  We were asked in the class if we had one to share.  I have many, but the biggest one was my breast cancer diagnosis.

On this day, 4 years ago, I got my breast cancer diagnosis. It has been a wild ride since then. I've learned a lot of hard lessons along the way, who my true friends are, that my body can endure a lot more than I ever thought it could, and that people you thought you should be able to depend on aren't as reliable as you thought. But the biggest lesson I learned, was that God is there in the big and small things and you CAN depend on Him. If you think I'm a little fanatical because of that, than you will just have to live with it because I am forever changed. I would never wish it on my worst enemy, but I would wish that people would know Jesus the way that I do now and know there is no other way I would have gotten to know Him. It is the reason I share Bible verses, and other things on Facebook. Yes, I'm passionate about it...but I hope when I leave this earth that people will say, she truly lived her faith.

I've learned that when I'm faced with a situation that seems insurmountable my first thought should be to pray.  My second thought should be, hang on, let's see how God's going to handle this one!!  I've kept a prayer journal for many years now, and have witnessed so many unusual and jaw-dropping answers to prayer.  Our God is creative, sensitive, strong, sometimes stern but always just.  He is tender, gentle, but does mean what He says so we have to be ready for his correction and direction.

Through my experience I've learned to be an encourager and a prayer warrior.  I've also learned to tell the truth and sometimes people are not prepared to hear the truth.  It's not an easy balance, and I'm still learning with the Lord's help.

Are you dealing with tough issues in your life?  Issues that have you feeling somehow it's your fault?  It's easy to fall in the trap of feeling we are somehow responsible for bad things that happen in our lives.  I'm here to tell you that God doesn't want us to live in a state of guilt.  God has a plan!  Yes He corrects us, but He doesn't want us to suffer...His Grace is sufficient.  The extreme guilt you may be experiencing is Satan!!  He seeks to destroy you from within and rob you of your joy.  You need to renew your mind and dwell on thoughts of His promises so you can turn your eyes on how He is taking care of this situation that will ultimately expose His Glory.  God loves you...sees your anguish and your contrite heart and seeks to lift your burden if you trust in Him.   You can't change the past.  God has already forgiven you.  Please forgive yourself and rest in God at this moment.  Trust Him to take care of your future, and do your best to serve Him right where you are.  Guilt and fear are from Satan...conquer him with your trust in God...He has already won the victory!!

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